New intensive courses offered within the 8th International Week /January 15-18/

15 Jan
18 Jan

For the second time, Faculty of International Relations will participate in the International Week at the Prague University of Economics and Business (main organisers are Faculty of Informatics and Statistics and Faculty of Finance and Accounting). We are honoured that we can offer you four excellent courses taught by visiting professors. Each course is a 3 ECTS course.

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Managerial Economics: Opportunities to Invest in Emerging Markets (2ME437)

Jorge Guillen, PhD, Associate Professor at ESAN Lima

Interim Vice President for Research at ESAN Lima, Consultant for International Companies

West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA

Dive into the dynamics of emerging markets post-pandemic. Analyze the impacts of global crises, such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the Silicon Valley financial crisis, on these economies. Master the analysis of supply and demand forces, market collusion, and financial challenges in Latin America and other emerging markets.

Identify lucrative investment opportunities in emerging countries and understand the intricate economic outlook in a global context.

Internationalisation of SMEs and International Entrepreneurship (2IB472)

Olli Kuivalainen, Professor of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Manchester University, San Francisco State University, Kingston University

Firm growth, internationalisation strategies, decision-making, international entrepreneurship

Learn how to expand small and medium enterprises (SMEs) internationally. Gain insights into overcoming challenges in international expansion, strategic decision-making, market selection, and entry modes.

Prepare successful internationalisation plans for SMEs, armed with strategic frameworks and practical tools.

Leading and managing change (2IB353)

Juan Nagel, Economist and Educator, School of Business and Economics, Universidad de los Andes

20 years in consulting across the Americas

Understand the essence of change management. Explore leading theories, psychological aspects of change, and leadership models pivotal for successful organizational turnarounds. Analyze case studies to dissect successful change processes.

Develop skills to lead and sustain organizational change effectively, especially in complex environments.

Strategic Management and Business Model Innovation (2OP326)

Chia-Chi Sun, Expert in Strategic Innovation Management, Tamkang University

Electrical Engineering, Collaborator with Various Companies

Technology and Innovation Management, Service Marketing

Navigate through the complexities of innovation and technology management. Engage with thematic sessions, supplemented by case studies, tools, and multimedia resources from

Grasp the essential concepts and processes of innovation management in today’s technological landscape.

New intensive courses offered within the 8th International Week /January 15-18/