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The Faculty of International Relations (FIR) aims to provide students with detailed information about their studies, help them solve various study situations, and orient themselves in the Prague University of Economics and Business and its regulations and rules. This is why we prepared the FIR Study Guide.

Our comprehensive FIR Study Guide addresses a wide range of topics, including visa and health insurance guidance, familiarization with all VŠE campus facilities, course registration and study plans, practical tips for daily life at the university, and a glimpse into extracurricular activities and the vibrant social life at Prague University of Economics and Business.  

Written by the Faculty of International Relations Student PR team, this guide is invaluable for your first year at the university and throughout your academic journey at VŠE. Additionally, it offers insights into navigating life in Prague and the Czech Republic. In creating this guide, our students drew upon their personal knowledge and experiences, working closely with programme coordinators to provide our FIR students with the most current and detailed information. You can download it at the end of the page or access it directly here.

We have also prepared a guide to the university’s information system (InSIS).

You can do so below if you want to read more about your study’s general rules and regulations at the Faculty of International Relations.

Study rules and regulations

General and most accurate information about students’ rights and obligations, as well as faculty’s strategic documents can be found in study rules and other faculty regulations. Take a while and make yourself familiar with these documents that are very relevant for your studies. All of them must comply with the Higher Education Act, which defines all your obligations and rights while studying at a public university in the Czech Republic.

  • Study rules and regulations

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