FIR Study Guide

The aim of this website is to provide students with detailed information about their studies, to help them with solving various study situations as well as to help them orient themselves in the regulations and rules of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

We have also prepared a guide to the university’s information system (InSIS).

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If you have any suggestions or comments about this website, do not hesitate to contact its webmaster – the Assistant of the Vice-Dean for Studies. You can also contact her for advice on your study problems before you visit the Vice-Dean.

Assistant of the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Study rules and regulations

General and most accurate information about students’ rights and obligations, as well as faculty’s strategic documents can be found in study rules and other faculty regulations. Take a while and make yourself familiar with these documents that are very relevant for your studies. All of them must comply with the Higher Education Act, which defines all your obligations and rights while studying at a public university in the Czech Republic.

  • Study rules and regulations