FIR Alumni Club

The FIR Alumni Club is a new club for all graduates of the Faculty of International Relations at the Prague University of Economics and Business! It aims to connect alumni not only with each other but also with the Faculty and its current students.

And how will the Club work? It will be managed by the Board of Alumni with President in the lead – all graduates of FIR. Every master’s programme should be represented by one member in the Board of Alumni.

Alumni Board

Michaela Bauer (Lhotková)


ČSOB – Chief Innovation, Digital and Data Officer, Board Member

International Business (CZ), Alumna 2002

Lucie Dostálová

Heineken – People and Culture Director

International Politics and Diplomacy (CZ), Alumna 2000

Jindřich Henzl

PwC – Senior ESG & Sustainability Consultant

International Business (CZ), Alumnus 2018

Nicola Lukovicsová

Continental- PR, Communications & Strategy Project Manager

International and Diplomatic Studies (EN), Alumna 2015

Jan Krejčí

Huawei – Project Supply Manager

European Integration (CZ), Alumnus 2016

Marek Kroutil

CzechTourism – International Marketing Manager

Tourism, Alumnus 2018

Jitka Němečková

Provident Financial – Corporate Affairs and Communications Director, Board Member

International Business (CZ), Alumna 2009

Zdeněk Pokorný

Pokorny Industries – Director of Marketing and Analytics

International Business, Alumnus 2019