Alumni mentoring

Mentoring is a process of passing on experience, knowledge and skills from a professional background between two people. The mentor helps the mentee progress though the workplace, points him the right direction and helps him realize his full potential. The mentee is interested in active development and wants to find out how best to utilise their skills.

Applications for the academic year 2023/2024 are open until October 15, 2023.

FIR Alumni Mentoring

*mentees can participate in the program only once at each stage of study and after graduation, that means everyone can be a mentee a maximum of 3 times: within the bachelor’s study, master’s study and after completing the master’s study.

*the certificate will be awarded to all mentees who meet with their mentor (in person or online) at least 5 times.

Do you want to join?

Do you want to become a mentee and develop and gain new experience? Do you want to establish a relationship with a professional in the field and prepare for real business? Fill in the application form, motivation and send us your CV.

  • Do you want to join?



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Alumni mentoring