Study abroad

Study abroad is at the Faculty of International Relations an integral part of study, both at bachelor and master level. Wide variaty of partner universities along with high number of outgoing students create a unique position within Czech educational system. Faculty supports outgoing students organizationally, as well as financially.

Majority of all semesters abroad is based on the exchange system. Its idea is an exchange of students between partner universities. When e.g. Prague University of Economics and Business sends 5 of its students to Copenhagen Business School, the partner institution in Copenhagen sends 5 students to Prague.

There are two ways of financing:

  1. Through Erasmus+ funds (students get scholarship from the EU) – exchange program within Europe
  2. Through the Scholarship fund of VŠE (students get scholarship from the University) – exchange program outside of Europe

Why should you study abroad?

  1. You acquire unique experience

  2. You meet new people and make friends

  3. You will be exposed to new academic styles

  4. You get to know new cultures

  5. You improve your language and personal skills

  6. You dramatically enhance your employability

Ready to go? Pay attention to these details