Do you want to study at the Faculty of International Relations? Applications are open!

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Studying at the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague combines the teaching of general economic subjects and courses, which give graduates of individual programs different knowledge and the opportunity to profile themselves. It will prepare you for work in managerial positions in companies or in various institutions and organizations, or for subsequent master’s studies after completing the bachelor’s program.

In addition to subjects in the field of economics or professional subjects, the emphasis is also placed on language teaching at the FIR – graduates have knowledge of two foreign languages at the C1 level and have the opportunity to learn other languages during their studies, which also leads to learning about foreign cultures. The faculty thus prepares its graduates for the international environment in which most of them will find employment.

You get what the business needs!

We are now accepting applications for studies from the academic year 2021/2022.

Reasons why to study at FIR

  1. By studying at FIR you will obtain a high quality and internationally recognized education that will help boost your career

  2. You will study in Prague, one of the most beautiful and safest cities of the world

  3. You will study in English, but apart from that we will teach you another foreign language. Knowledledge of two foreign languages is a must today

  4. FIR offers you exceptional possibilities to spend a semester at our partner university. You can choose from more then 200 of them. Whoever wants to do so is supported by the Faculty.

  5. Internship abroad is also possible. It is recognized as a group of regular courses

  6. All our graduates start a successful careerclick here to see some of the most successful ones

  7. You can study at the Faculty that belongs to a club of 7 schools that have been awarded EFMD Accreditated label for two programs for the period of 5 years

  8. Some programs offer a range of minors that help you specialize even more

  9. You won’t be alone here. Students from your program will help you overcome the adaptation period and you can also partcipate in many student organizations

You can study the following English programmes:

Bachelor of International Business:

  • A three-year, full-time bachelor’s degree program where the graduates gain practical competencies in international business and management together with strong language skills.

International Business – Central European Business Realities:

  •  A two-year full-time master´s programme with a focus on Central and European. The programme offers study flexibility such as double degree studies, exchange semester abroad or whole program exclusively at the VSE.

Bachelor of International and Diplomatic Studies:

  • A three-year, full-time bachelor’s degree program provides theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as extensive language skills. Graduates have knowledge in international politics, international economics, international law and international security.

Masters of International and Diplomatic Studies:

  • A 2-year follow-up Master’s programme focused on a comprehensive understanding of the subject, integrity of theory and practice, emphasis on the ethical and environmental dimension of decision-making, and respect for the multicultural aspects of the international environment.

We accept applications from December 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021, at 

Do you want to study at the Faculty of International Relations? Applications are open!