Study International Business in the Czech Republic!

Do you want to study International Business in one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world, Prague in the Czech Republic?

Become an economist equipped with a standard framework of knowledge in:

  1. economics

  2. business administration

  3. law and legal environment

  4. statistics and mathematics

  5. advanced international language skills

  6. international business within a changing global environment

Study International Business at the Faculty of International Relations /FIR/ at the Prague University of Economics and Business!

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What do our current students say about the International Business programme?



Štěpán from the Czech Republic is a 3rd-year Bachelor in International Business (IBB) student pursuing a double degree at the OTH Regensburg university in Germany.

“The Faculty has a strong focus on research and teaching, and its faculty members are renowned experts in their fields. In addition, FIR has a diverse student body and is located in Prague’s vibrant and historic city, which is known for its rich culture and history.”



Hamza from Jordan is a 3rd-year Bachelor in International Business (IBB) student.

“Studying the International Business programme (IBB), at the Faculty of International Relations at VŠE Prague, will teach and give you insight into both International Relations courses and International Business courses which will open many doors to you. My favourite highlight about Prague, and especially my university, is that there are many people from different backgrounds, so you get to know and deal with people from all over the world.”



Kanyshai is a 2nd-year Bachelor in International Business (IBB) student from Kyrgyzstan. 

“I believe that the main reason people should study at the Faculty of International Relations /FIR/, is that you will develop key transferrable skills such as public speaking, communication, data analysis, critical thinking and more. It also gives you a great headstart on connecting with people from all over the world with various backgrounds who are passionate about establishing a strong network that will nurture your career. What’s more, FIR at our university provides various programmes and opportunities for you, which open newdoors‘ in your life.”



Roberto from Honduras is a 2nd-year student of the Master in International Business (IB).

“I feel that being a student of the FIR has helped to improve my time management skills and confront tasks efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Projects, presentations, and finals can be challenging in particular periods, so you learn how to approach tasks from different perspectives to deliver the best possible with your time. If you like being in a multicultural atmosphere, meeting great and interesting people, as well as creating opportunities for your future, you shouldn’t think about applying twice.”



Alex from the United Kingdom is a 2nd-year student of the Master in International Business (IB).

“I decided to study in the IB programme to broaden my knowledge of business and international relations and experience life as an expat! I enjoy the programme’s diversity, knowledgeable professors, and strive for involvement from students. “

The Faculty offers a high-quality and internationally recognized education that will prepare you for a successful career in international business. You will study in English but also have the opportunity to learn another foreign language, a must-have skill in today’s globalized world. 

Studying at the Faculty is more than just education: you will be studying in Prague, one of the world’s most beautiful and safest cities. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Prague is the perfect place to immerse yourself in European culture while studying. FIR also offers exceptional opportunities for students to spend a semester at partner universities, with over 200 options. And if you’re interested in an internship abroad, FIR will reward you with a handful of ECTS credits.

Our graduates have gone on to start successful careers, and you can be next! FIR belongs to the best faculties within the Czech Republic in terms of internationalisation. The International Business master’s programme even offers minors that help you specialize further in your area of interest. However, studying abroad in an international environment can be daunting, which is why FIR provides a supportive community of students and various student organizations to help you overcome any challenges during your adaptation period.  

International Business programs

Applications for the International Business programme close on 30th April 2023 at 10:00 CET (Prague time zone), and you can find additional information here.

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