Statement of Prague University of Economics and Business, Faculty of International Relations and Academic Senate of FIR on the current situation in Ukraine

The management of the Prague University of Economics and Business and all its faculties issued a statement on the current situation in Ukraine.

The Faculty of International Relations and the Academic Senate of FIR issued a joint resolution based on a consensus discussion. The FIR management is ready to act in the sense of this resolution within its competencies and bodies.

“We are also considering concrete steps. Above all, we will strive to ensure that the situation has the least impact on all our students who may be affected. We will approach each student and their life situation individually. We will set aside a budget in the scholarship fund, which will be available to affected students in the Czech Republic and on their study abroad. We will ask the school to increase the capacity of the Psychological Counseling Center. As I was assured today in the Academic Senate of the Faculty, our students will also be happy to help their colleagues within their means. Students from Ukraine and the Russian Federation make up more than 10% of all our students. Therefore, they are an important part of the Faculty, and we will do our utmost to ensure that everyone can continue to study properly in a collegial academic environment without disadvantage or discrimination,” adds the Dean of FIR.