New Photo Competition: FIR in the City

A new semester also brings a new photo competition, this time on the topic of FIR in the city! Capture the moments spent in Prague or in your hometown! FIR students who are on Erasmus or an internship abroad can also take part. Just take a photo of the city you are currently in and tag it on Instagram with hashtags #FMVvemeste and #fmvvse

Conditions of the Competition:

  • You have to be a student of either Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral studies at FIR VŠE in Prague.
  • Take a photo that corresponds with the topic of the competition.
  • Share the photo between September 21 and February 5, 2021, according to the conditions described below.
  • You have to follow the Faculty’s Instagram (@fmv_vse) or like the official Facebook page called Faculty of International Relations at VŠE Prague /FIR/.
  • Each contestant can send a maximum of 3 posts (if you share more, then only the first 3 will be counted).

How To Publish Your Photo/s:
*Through Facebook: send your photo/s and a caption to messages on Faculty of International Relations VŠE in Prague /FIR/.
*Upload it/them on your Instagram profile, add a short caption (funny, interesting, original – fantasy has no limits) and hashtag it with #FMVvemeste and #fmvvse.
If you have a private profile on Instagram, send the photo/s on Facebook.


  • 1st place: Boardgame  + a card game Concentration “Cities in Europe” 
  • 2nd place: Voucher for a tour of Prague (walk of your choice) for 4 people
  • 3rd place: Knowledge Concentration card game “Cities of Europe” + 1 piece of Faculty’s merchandise of your choice