National Language Olympiad Finals at VŠE /29th May – 31st May/

29 May
31 May

The Faculty of International Relations is once again a guarantor of the National Language Olympiads Finals for high school and elementary school students. These prestigious competitions, held every school year, offer participants the opportunity to showcase their language skills in the final round, which, after last year’s online edition, will be held in person this year.

The national finals bring together promising language enthusiasts aged 10 to 18 from all over the Czech Republic, which makes this event an exceptional opportunity not only for the competitors but also for their families, whose support certainly contributes to their success.

The national finals for each language – English, German, Spanish, French and Russian – will take place on 29th, 30th and 31st May, 2024. The winners will not only receive awards and prizes from the partners of the event, but also recognition for their outstanding language skills. Detailed information about prizes and partners is available on the event’s website.

This event not only serves as an important platform for the development of young people’s language skills but also emphasises our commitment to support academic and educational exchanges at the national level. We are very proud to host and sponsor the national finals of these Olympiads and look forward to the successful hosting of this event.

National Language Olympiad Finals at VŠE /29th May – 31st May/
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