Join Online Webinars for Applicants!

The Faculty of International Relations (FIR) at Prague University of Economics and Business is organizing online webinars where applicants for English-taught programmes can discover valuable information about the study programmes offered at FIR.

During the webinars, you can anticipate a brief introduction to the programmes, details about the studies, opportunities for students and graduates, or interesting facts about life in Prague. However, if your doubts are still not answered, a large part of each webinar will be dedicated to your questions.

We look forward to virtually welcoming you to Prague and addressing all of your questions!

You can attend the following webinars:

Bachelor of International Business (IBB)

10th April 2024 at 4:30 PM CET

The program is a three-year program, aiming to provide students with appropriate professional qualifications in international business and related economic, social and political areas, and to prepare them for lifelong learning.

  • Bachelor of International Business (IBB)

Master program of International Business - Central European Business Realities (IB)

every Tuesday until April 30, 2024 at 1:30 PM CET

The program was established to address the specificities and characteristics of the Central European business environment within the framework of the increasing trends of globalization. It provides students with a comprehensive business education in the main fields of economics, management, finance, marketing and negotiations.

  • Master program of International Business - Central European Business Realities (IB)

Bachelor and Master of International and Diplomatic Studies

every Tuesday at 10 AM CET

The programs aim to produce highly specialized professionals in the fields of international politics and foreign policy with special emphasis on external economic relations and to provide them with advanced theoretical knowledge of international relations, advanced knowledge of international and diplomatic law, and strategic decision-making in foreign service or public diplomacy on an international level.

  • Bachelor and Master of International and Diplomatic Studies

All times are provided for the CET zone (Prague time zone).

Cannot join the webinars? Watch the IB Programme and IBB Programme webinars on YouTube to get an overview of the programmes and listen to the words of our students and Alumni.