FIR Students Helped as Volunteers Within the Project “Connecting Czechia”

In the summer semester, FIR students participated as volunteers in the project Connecting Czechia, with a purpose to connect the state and companies (not only) at a time of extraordinary measures.

We learned about the Connecting the Czechia project from the FIR intranet. At this difficult time, my friend was helping in the hospital as a medic and I was just sitting at home. I was thinking where I could help and after the offer of the study newsletter came, I did not hesitate and wanted to get involved,” says student Monika Peštová about her participation. “Recognition of this volunteering as an internship was a nice bonus,” adds Monika.

As part of the project, a CoVpoint database was created, on which companies and the state can publish offers and demands. The bidders then look for where they can help, while the inquirers can find the necessary aids, equipment or services.

I was surprised how many companies were able to reorient their products or services to the new market needs in a short period, which was mainly the increased demand for protective equipment,” says student Ondřej Chobot. “Many companies suddenly offered or imported not only these aids but also equipment for cleaning rooms or protective screens. The reaction of the companies showed that we can help each other and perhaps such help will work even at a time when all measures and threats will disappear, “adds Ondřej.

Students could participate in the project as administrative support for the back-office team or work from home, where they sorted the offers of companies that provided, for example, veils, protective equipment, but also cars.

Czech companies correctly assessed the world situation and decided to help during the pandemic,” says Adam Čörgő, another student involved. “We were very pleasantly surprised by the number of offers because the only way to handle this difficult time is to cooperate,” emphasizes Adam.

The Connecting Czechia platform supported several projects, such as, the development of masks for healthcare professionals or the expansion of the production of protective filters.

The work was very interesting. It helped me to get a small insight into the world of government because we worked with various ministries to which companies offered their products. At the same time, everything was transparent and the contact person was willing to solve any problems that arose with us, “concludes the student Marek Lehký.

Students received 3 credits for their commitment and help and hence completed an internship, which they accomplished as a part of their studies. FIR thanks them for their work.

FIR Students Helped as Volunteers Within the Project “Connecting Czechia”