FIR Quiz with the Dean

As part of her regular meetings with students and faculty staff, Dean Assoc. Prof. Ing. Martina Jiránková, Ph.D., together with the Student PR team, prepared the first FIR Quiz with the Dean.

On Tuesday 9.4.2024, a total of 27 teams composed of students and academic staff competed in 4 rounds of knowledge and lifestyle questions. From the Olympics and flag spotting, we moved on to the questions about local meme sensations such as cheesecake or “bába pod kořenem” and ended the evening with a set of questions about FIR.

Martin Trojan, FIR Academic Senator and member of the Student PR Team hosted the whole evening together with our Dean Martina Jiránková.

The winners of the whole evening were the team “Čtyři plus” composed of PhD students from The Department of International Economic Relations and The Department of International and Diplomatic Studies. Second place went to the team “Kachna” and third place went to the team “Vyzrálí diplomati.

We thank all the participants for an enriching evening and are already looking forward to the following year!

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