The Alumni Mentoring Program was Successfully Launched at FIR

FIR launched the 1st year of the Alumni Mentoring Program that connects students with graduates.

The launch of the first year’s Alumni Mentoring Program took place on Wednesday, the 16th of October. The Dean of the Faculty, prof. Josef Taušer thanked the graduates and students in his opening speech during a Welcome Meeting in the Academic Club. He also emphasized the importance of studies combined with experience. Then the Mentees and the Mentors had a workshop about the Mentoring which was finalized with networking.

Mentors & Mentees are involved in the 1st year of the Program.

hours took pairing based on the applications and motivation letters of the students and the graduates.

different fields from Marketing to International Business and IT or Finances that were represented by our Mentors – graduates.

The founder of an association called Odyssey mentoring Odyssey Mentoring, who has been working in the mentoring field since 2009, helped the Faculty with the setting of the whole mentoring program. Thereby we would like to thank Odessey for their cooperation, support and time that have dedicated to us.

Mentoring is a process where people pass their experience, knowledge, and abilities based on their professional relationships. A Mentor professionally develops a Mentee (the one who is mentored) and helps him/her to identify their ambitions and go the right direction. The Mentee has an interest in active development and wants to know how to pursue his/her abilities most effectively.

The official Mentoring Program starts in October and ends in May. However, it is not unusual if the Mentor and the Mentee develop a professional relationship and stay in contact.

Who are our Mentors?

The Mentors are more experiences graduates of the Faculty who work for several years. They are willing to share their experiences with the students and become their support during their transition to working life.

Who are our Mentees?

The Mentees are students of the Master’s degree, young graduates or in their 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree.  The Mentees have an interest in active development, personal growth and wish to apply their ambitions in the best way possible. They intended to be oriented in their chosen field before they start working or they still want to determine their future field.