FIR Alumni figure on the list of TOP women of the Czech Republic

FIR Graduates figure on the list of TOP women of the Czech Republic

Economic Newspaper announced the 14th year of survey “TOP women of the Czech Republic”. Amongst those rewarded appeared successful Czech managers, entrepreneurs and powerful women from the public sphere. And what do some of them have in common? They are Faculty of International Relations Alumni!

Daniela Pešková, a board member of Česká spořitelna, who studied International trade program at FIR, was recognized as the winner in “TOP Manager” category. Amongst 25 the most successful women in “TOP” Manager category we could also find Jitka Dvořáková, Director General of CZC.CZ and a graduate of Foreign trade program, and Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner, Deloitte ČR & Deloitte Central Europe, a graduate of International trade program.

VŠE Rector Hana Machková, who also graduated from FIR VŠE, figures on the list of “TOP 25 women in public affairs”.

This is the fourteenth time that the publishing house Economia, the one who publishes Economic Newspaper, announced the survey “TOP women of the Czech Republic”. Its primary aim is to recognize successful women from both private and public spheres. Every year the number of nominated women is increasing; this year it approximated to 200 candidates. Assessment of nominees was based on their influence, achievements, story of business activities, and social contribution, and was conducted by the 20-member professional jury.

Picture sources:; VSE, Prague.