Associate Professor Zuzana Stuchlíková Received the Educator of the Year Award for FIR

VŠE awarded Associate Professor Zuzana Stuchlíková from FIR as an Educator of the year 2019 for the first time out of all six Faculties.

Assoc. Stuchlíková has been working at the FIR Department of World Economy since 2004. She is responsible for the compulsory Master’s course Regional Markets in a Global Perspective. She also works as a guarantor and lecturer in the minor specialization of Chinese Studies. Moreover, she teaches in the minor specialization Economic Diplomacy at FIR. She has been the head of the Asian Studies Center (CAS) at FIR since 2016. In addition to the macroeconomic development of China and Japan, she has been involved in selected issues of foreign trade policy, new regionalism and economic diplomacy.

The inquiry of the Educator of the Year ran until February 21, 2020, and its announcement took place during the Academic Plenum on February 27, 2020. At least one vote from students was received to 477 professors. The Rector of the University of Economics will regularly award the professors at the beginning of the calendar year based on the opinion of students expressed in the form of an anonymous poll. A total of 1958 students voted for their favourite professor.