Jana Hovorková From FIR Is the Laureate of the Josef Hlávka Award for Talented Students and Researchers

This year, Jana Hovorková, a graduate of doctoral studies at FIR, received the Josef Hlávka Award. Jana Hovorková achieved excellent results in the field of science and research with her dissertation on the topic of geopolitics of the Catholic Church, the conclusions of which were presented at prestigious international conferences and in professional periodicals. Already during her studies, several of her articles on the Catholic Church were published in the professional media.

The Josef Hlávka Award has been awarded since 1993 and is intended for talented students in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies who have demonstrated exceptional skills and creative thinking in their field, and for young talented researchers of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic under 33 years of age. The award of this award is decided by the Board of Directors of the Foundation Aptitude on the Proposal of the Rectors of Czech Public Universities in Prague, the Rector of Brno Technology and the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The awards ceremony, which usually takes place before November 17, has been postponed to the spring.

Ing. Jana Hovorková, Ph.D., is a doctoral graduate at the Faculty of International Relations (FIR) of the Prague University of Economics and Business, majoring in International Political Relations. She focuses on the role and importance of the Catholic Church in contemporary international relations. The topic of her dissertation “Geopolitics of the Catholic Church. A Mental Map of the World According to the Highest Representatives of the Church “, which she wrote under the guidance of prof. Ing. Mgr. Petra Kratochvíla, Ph.D corresponded to that. The thesis was successfully defended in September 2019. She achieved above-average results in publishing activities and presented her research at the prestigious international conferences of the European Consortium for Political Science and the European International Studies Association.

During her studies, Ing. Jana Hovorková, Ph.D., co-authored with the supervisor and published the article Papal Geopolitics: The World According to Urbi et Orbi in The Review of Faith & International Affairs magazine, as well as articles by František’s Mental Map of Insufficient Human Dignity Constructed by Urbi et Orbi (Political Science revue) a The Quantitative Occurence of the Common Good Elements in the Message for the Celebration of the World Day of Peace (Politické vedy). She was able to publish outside the scope of her research focus, namely in the field of economics with the article Development of consumer living standards in the Czech Republic in 2010-2013: application of the theory of expressed preferences in the discussion with Engel’s law. Acta Oeconomica Pragensia.

Jana Hovorková From FIR Is the Laureate of the Josef Hlávka Award for Talented Students and Researchers
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