Gaziza Shakhanova, Ph.D., a Ph.D. graduate and researcher at the Department of International Studies and Diplomacy, received the prestigious “Ted Jelen Best Journal Article Award of the Religion & Politics Section” from the American Political Science Association as a co-author for her article. This is a very prestigious international award in science and research with a focus on political science. The formal award ceremony will take place on September 1 in Los Angeles, USA, followed by a reception. The article “The Patriotic Turn in Russia: Political Convergence of the Russian Orthodox Church and the State” was published in the scholarly journal Politics & Religion in 2022.

Mgr. Pamir Halimzai, Ph.D. of the Department of International Studies and Diplomacy FMV VŠE has received the Josef Hlávka Award for 2021. The Josef Hlávka Award is intended for talented students in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies who have demonstrated exceptional skills and creative thinking in their field, and for young talented scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic up to the age of 33.

doc. Jeremy Alan Garlick, M.A., Ph.D. won 2nd place in the competition for the Rector’s Award of the University of Economics and Business, Prague for a prestigious publication for the book The Impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: From Asia to Europe, published in 2019 by the prestigious publishing house Routledge. The book The Impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative From Asia to Europe was compiled based on many years of research by Doc. Garlick and is linked to the research project of the GA ČR for the period 2019-2021: Chinese multilateral economic diplomacy at the time of the initiative of the new Silk Road.