Current Seminars

Winter Semester 2022/2023


  • September 2212:45, RB 437

Bettina Peters (ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research):  “Misappropriation of R&D Subsidies: Estimating Treatment Effects with One-Sided Non-Compliance

  • September 29, 12:45, RB 437

Anna Bindler (University of Cologne):  “Gender Biases in Police Decisions

  • October 1312:45, RB 437

Estrella Gómez Herrera (University of Balearic Islands): „Do Workers Bear the Burden of Fee Increases on Online Labor Platforms? Empirical Evidence From More Than 3.3 Million Bids“  

  • October 20, 12:45, RB 437

Anna Kochanova (Cardiff University): Natural Disasters and Creative Destruction: Evidence from Indonesian Firms” 

  • October 27, 12:45, RB 437

Kamila Cygan-Rehm (Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories): School starting age and personality traits

  • PONDĚLÍ October 31, 11:00, RB 437

Haroon Mumtaz (Queen Mary, University of London): Impulse response estimation via flexible local projections

  • November 3, 12:45, RB 437

Therese Nilsson (Lund University): „The Effects of Direct Democracy on Education Investments. Evidence from Swedish Municipalities“

  • November 10, 12:45, RB 437

Jean Robert Tyran (University of Vienna): „Self-Signaling in Voting“

  • November 17, 12:45, PUBLIC HOLIDAY

  • November 24, 12:45, RB 437

Esteban Jaimovich (University of Surrey): TBA

  • December 1, 12:45, RB 437

Jerg Gutmann (University of Hamburg/University of Freiburg): TBA

  • December 8, 12:45, RB 437

Dimitry Mukhin (London School of Economics): TBA

  • December 9, 12:45, RB 437

Giovanni Campisi (Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona): „Heterogeneous agents, sentiment and stylized empirical facts of financial markets“

  • December 15, 12:45, RB 437

Rustam Jamilov (University of Oxford): TBA

Summer Semester 2021/2022


  • February 1712:45, NB350

Matej Lorko (University of Economics in Bratislava):  “Intertemporal Coordination in Volunteer Markets

  • February 24, 12:45, NB 350

Deborah Novakova (ASC CERGE-EI):  “Writing and Presenting in Today’s Competitive Academic Environment”

  • March 312:45, Online via MS Teams

Gurgen Aslanyan (American University of Armenia): “Revolution is good when followed by a war: Georgia, Roses, and Russia“ – POSTPONED

  • March 1012:45, Online via MS Teams

Lucie Coufalová (Masaryk University): “ What can we learn from preferential voting in parliamentary elections?“

  • March 17, NB 350

Timea Laura Molnar(Central European University): “Temporary Non-Work and Labor Reallocation: An Empirical Assessment of the “Job Ladder” Model“

  • March 24, 12:45, NB 350

Adam Spencer (University of Nottingham): “Innovation Union: Costs and Benefits of Innovation Policy Coordination”

  • March 31, 12:45, NB 350

Magdolna Sass (Hungarian Academy of Science): Indirect Foreign Direct Investment

  • April 7, 12:45, Online via MS Teams

Gurgen Aslanyan (American University of Armenia): “Revolution is good when followed by a war: Georgia, Roses, and Russia“

  • April 8, 12:45, NB350

Igal Milchtaich (Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv): “Altruism and Spite in Tullock Contest”

  • April 14, DEAN’S DAY

  • April 21, 12:45, NB 350 or Online via MS Teams

Christian Koch (University of Vienna): “Anti-immigration stances: An experimental investigation of economic and behavioral factors“

  • April 28, 12:45, NB 350

Sven-Olov Daunfledt (Institute of Retail Economics, Stockholm): „Do Targeted R&D Grants towards Potential High-growth SMEs Increase Employment and Demand for Skilled Labor?“

  • May 5, 12:45, NB 350

Martin Rode (University of Navarra) and Jerg Gutmann: “Populism and constitutional compliance: An empirical assessment”


  • May 12, 12:45, NB 350

Mircea Epure (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona School of Economics), Martí Guasch (ESADE) and Samuele Murtinu (Utrecht U.): “Being Central on the Other Side of the Fence: Corporate Funds in the Traditional Venture Capital Club”


Winter Semester 2021/2022


  • September 3012:45, Online via MS Teams

Pavel Pelikán (NF VŠE): “How-to-bring-Douglass-North-Oliver-Williamson-and-Daron-Acemoglu-with-friends-together-and-lay-the-foundations-of-a-Unified-Institutional-Economics”

  • October 7, 12:45, NB 350

Panu Poutvaara (ifo Institute, LMU Munich): “Mobile-Internet-Access-and-Desire-to-Migrate” with co-authors Joop Adema and Cevat Giray Aksoy.

  • October 1412:45, NB 350

Nadzeya Laurentsyeva (LMU Munich): “Firms Left Behind: Emigration and Firm Productivity“

  • FRIDAY October 2212:45, NB 350

Ines Hardoy (Institute for Social Research, Oslo): “Small Group Instruction to Improve Student Performance in Mathematics in Early Grades: Results from a Randomized Field Experiment“

  • October 28, PUBLIC HOLIDAY

  • November 4, 12:45, Online via MS Teams

Arnaud Phillipe (University of Bristol):Learning-by-doing-How-do-criminals-learn-about-criminal-law

  • FRIDAY November 12, 12:45, NB 350

Vladimír Novák (Bocconi University, Rome): “Anticipatory theory of aspirations“ with co-author Eliana La Ferrara

  • November 18, 12:45, Online via MS Teams

Olga Popova (IOS Regensburg): “Double-Edged Sword: Persistent Effects of Communism on Life Satisfaction“ with co-authors M. Nikolova and V. Otrachshenko

  • November 25, 12:45, NB 350

Anna Houštecká (Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nürnberg): “Education Disparities in the Battle Against Infertility: Theory and Evidence from IVF Success“

  • December 2, 12:45, NB 350

Ben Greiner (WU Viena): “The effect of a “None of the above” ballot paper option on voting behavior and election outcomes”

  • FRIDAY December 10, 12:45, NB 350

Vítězslav Titl (Utrecht University): “The One and Only: Single Bidding in Public Procurement“

  • December 16, 12:45, Online via MS Teams

Yannay Shahan (Bar Ilan University, Israel): “Intergenerational effects of welfare participation“