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Vice-dean of the FIR has been elected President of the CIDD

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Ludmila-SterbovaVice-Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Assoc. Prof. Ludmila Štěrbová, has been elected President of the Consortium of International Double Degrees (CIDD).

CIDD is a Consortium of higher education institutions from all the world. Its goal is to adopt and promote the Double Degree concept that is one of much enhanced forms of a deep internationalization of study. Institutions that implemented this form into their programs enable their students – based on studying at the home and host institution - to acquire two full-fledge diplomas and gain further knowledge, skills and namely international experiences and adaptability. The Double Degree concept includes as well teachers’ mobility and cooperation of educational institutions in a range of other areas.

Election of Assoc. Prof. Štěrbová in the head of this international organization confirms high quality, intensity and international recognition of internationalization of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague.