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FIR graduates succeed also in financial sector (Ota Hlídek, Swiss Life Select)

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hlidekOta Hlídek is an example of successful alumni who managed to break through in financial sector.

Hlidek graduated from the FIR in 1999. During his studies, he participated in an exchange program in the United Kingdom at the University of Plymouth. As a fresh graduate he was selected for the Leadership Development Program at the GE Money Bank, 2-year program with 6-month job rotations. Later he assumed a role of an Operations Re-engineering Manager and a Contact Center X-sell Project Leader, respectively. He earned further experience as a consultant in banks ČSOB and Česká spořitelna.

In year 2012 Ota Hlídek joined Swiss Life Select as a Senior Private Finance & Asset Manager. Since 2014 he has been promoted to a Premium Advisory.

Ota Hlídek is a member of Rotary International.

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