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Successful FIR Alumni: Former Czech President Václav Klaus

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Former Czech president prof. Ing. Václav Klaus, CSc. graduated from the Faculty of Commerce (initial designation of the Faculty of International Relations) in year 1963, majoring in foreign trade.

During his studies at the University of Economics in Prague he also met his wife, Livia Mištinová. After finishing his studies, he was working at the Institute of Economics at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and later at the Czechoslovak State Bank.

Based on the revolutionary events in 1989, Klaus entered politics, as he was appointed the Minister of Finance in the Government of Marián Čalfa in December 1989. In 1991 he founded the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and later in 1992 he became the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

In 2003 Václav Klaus became the Czech President. In this post he remained for two consecutive electoral periods until year 2013.

Václav Klaus succeeded in his habilitation as an Associate Professor (docent) at Charles University in Prague in 1991 and, consequently, was awarded professorship at the University of Economics in Prague in 1995 in the field of finance.

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