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31.5.2018 - Ramaton benefit run



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Successful FIR Alumni devote their knowledge and experience also to charity (Petr Sýkora, co-founder of Dobrý Anděl)

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SR-DR_Petr-300x300FIR graduate Petr Sýkora is a co-founder and the Chairman of the Board of Dobrý Anděl (Good Angel), crowd-funding charity helping families with oncological diseases children.

Sýkora is originally from Prague. In 1993 he together with a colleague Jan Černý, being still a university student, co-founded PAPIRIUS, a delivery company specialized in office stationary supplies. Thirteen years later in 2006 they sold their successful business to the US company OFFICE DEPOT where he stayed as an employee for a certain time.

Dobrý anděl (Good Angel) was founded in order to facilitate financial help to families who got into a difficult situation because their child suffers from oncological or other diseases.

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