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Students and teachers joined their forces at the first FIR Quiz

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kviz3What is the capital of Suriname? How many kilometres does the Great Wall of China have? Not only to these questions tried to find the answers the students and teachers of the Faculty of international relations on 27 April. There were nine teams competing for the win in the first FIR Quiz which was inspired by a popular game called Pub Quiz.

Why did FIR actually decide to hold such a competition? One of the contributions of current faculty management is to improve informal atmosphere at the faculty. The formal level is of course still principal but it does not have to be implemented so strictly. The first successful attempt of achieving this goal were Runs with FIR where the students had the possibility to meet the dean on regular basis while joining him for his run. Another event with a similar purpose was FIR Quiz. All these activities have a very positive feedback and this one was not an exception as you can see below.

‟Well done! Looking forward to another meeting!”

‟It was great, a good event which achieved its goal.”

‟It was an amazing opportunity to see another side of people who you meet every week.”

There were nine teams of students of different fields and years of study; and teachers or even the members of the faculty management. The winning team was decided according to earned points in three areas of questions. The teams had to prove their general cognizance, knowledge of current affairs and one area was connected only to our school.

The whole evening at the school canteen Deštník was very relaxed and pleasant. Funny comments and one-liners were told during the whole event.

Nine teachers took part in this contest and apart from the dean and all four vice-deans there were heads of departments PhDr. Dominika Kovářová, Ph.D., MBA and doc. Ing. Josef Abrhám, Ph.D., their deputies Ing. Pavel Žamberský, Ph.D. and Ing. Josef Bič, Ph.D. and the head of Asian Studies Ing. Zuzana Stuchlíková, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for International Relations and PR, Ing. Radek Čajka, Ph.D, hosted the whole event, announced three best teams and handed earned awards to the winning one. Everyone, who took part, received a certificate as a reminder of this pleasant evening. Apart from these prizes every participant surely won an interesting experience and hopefully a good memory.

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