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In the sphere of research the Faculty of International Relations has been concentrating on issues of foreign and political relations of the Czech Republic with the world and European economies, the broader international and European environment, as well as examining new phenomena and trends in the global and regional environment, including related legal themes. Owing to the incorporation of the language departments in the Faculty’s organizational structure, linguistically oriented issues are an indispensable part of its sphere of research.

In following its long-term thematic orientation, the Faculty of International Relations has been using various forms of acquiring and realizing its research aims. The Faculty has been preparing and executing various grant-backed projects from the Czech grant agencies; it engages its Doctoral candidates and undergraduates in research, e.g., on the occasion of the “days” of Doctoral candidates organized at departmental level (from 2006 at Faculty level) and the competition for most excellent research-based dissertations announced by the university. The best dissertations will be published in the research-oriented periodical of the UEP, Acta Oeconomica Pragensis.

Foreign projects and the internationalizing trend in the field of research are gaining importance. This is not limited only to participation in international projects in the strictest meaning of participating (PHARE or the framework programmes of the EU) whose coordination is mostly overseen by establishments abroad, but also to initiating cooperation in the research on internal grants with international organizations and foreign academic and other establishments. Intensive cooperation is already in place with, e.g., the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic in the European Commission in Brussels, the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic in the OECD in Paris, the Association of institutions thematically oriented towards development (GEMDEV in Paris) and the European Association of Institutions Dealing with Developmental Studies (EADI), the Canadian development agency which supports cooperation among universities with the same programmes of study in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (ODACE – the Official Development Assistance in Central Europe), the network of diplomatic academies founded on the initiative of the Central Europe, the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA), and particularly with the Association of International Studies in the Countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (CEEISA). Cooperation is also being developed with a number of research and academic establishments in the European and non-European countries.

The research centres at the Faculty of International Relations are the individual departments of the Faculty. Research creates a direct continuation of the departments’ subject-based orientation and it thus becomes an integral part of their members’ activities.


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FIR Annual Conference

Faculty of International Relations has been organizing annual conference dedicated to the discussion on the Czech Republic’s competitiveness and its future in the changing global environment since 2014.

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