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Radomil Doležal, CEO of CzechTrade, studied international business at FIR

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foto-4053-webIng. Radomil Doležal, MBA, graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague, majoring in International Business. He earned his first experience in export of consumer manufacturing goods at the state foreign trade enterprise Merkuria at several trade positions ranging from a sales officer to the head of export department.

After the year 1990 Doležal was, as a head of a subsidiary, managing the entry of company Campingaz into the Czech and Slovakian markets and later also the consolidation of activities and expansion of the portfolio of trade marks in the region, following the changes in the ownership structure in the Group: 1996 The Coleman Company, 1998 Sunbeam Corporation, 2005 Jardin Corporation.

Since 2004 Doležal has been responsible for market development in eleven new members of the European Union as a CEO for Central and Eastern Europe.

In the last two years, Doležal was specializing in private business, and that in the field of commercial real estate development. He joined CzechTrade in 2014, leaving RSVP invest a.s.

Source: CzechTrade.