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31.5.2018 - Ramaton benefit run



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Program FIR conference 2017

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13.45 Welcome

Roman Chlupaty, publicist and consultant

Josef Taušer, Dean, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague


14.00 - 15.30   Sharing economy, sharing future: The sector's nuts and bolts 

Chantal Ambord, BlaBlaCar: The present and future of sharing as seen as by the sector's leader (presentation)

Philippe Gugler, University of Fribourg: The challenges and threats of the shared economy (presentation)

Pavla Žížalová, PwC Czechia, (Non-)sharing in the Czech context (presentation)


16.00 - 17.30   Sharing economy policy: Going beyond policing

Jan Havlík, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czechia: The shared economy in Czechia - The good, the bad, and the ugly

Kalle Palling, MP, Estonia: Estonian ridesharing legislation, an example to follow (?)

Hubert Gambs, European Commission: The future of sharing (economy) in Europe: Centrepiece or just a piece? (presentation)


17:30  Glass of wine


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