Important dates

1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

17.9.2018 - 14.12.2018 - Classes in Fall Semester 2018/2019

27.9.2018 - Dean's Day

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Office hours of the Study Department and of the Vice-Dean during the summer holidays

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During the time of summer holidays (1 July – 31 August), office hours of the FIR Study Department will be changed as follows (there will be at least one coordinator):

Wednesday 9:00-11:00

Office hours are cancelled on 1 and 8 August 2018

Study confirmations can be only provided for the current semester, i.e. until 31 August 2018. The only exception are the newly admitted students who will obtain a study confirmation for the first semester of their studies – WS 2018/2019.

Office hours of the Vice-Dean for academic affairs

Office hours of the Vice-Dean for academic affairs do not take place during the summer holidays. The first office hours will be on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.