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October 25, 2016: Chinese writer Yu Hua at the University of Economics – Debate about Chinese history and modern China

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We invite you to join us at the exceptional meeting with the Chinese writer Yu Hua, who is one of the most successful up-to-date Chinese writers. In this occasion not only his literary work will be discussed, but also modern China, which is objectively and in an undistorted manner pictured in Yu Hua's books.

The lecture and debate will take place on Tuesday October 25th 2016, from 2.30 pm in the lecture room SB 239. (University of Economics Prague)

The debate will be moderated by Ing. Jan Bejlovský and Mgr. Jakub Otčenášek. Mrs. Zuzana Li will interpret into the English language.

The event is organised by the Centre of Asian Studies in cooperation with Chinese Studies of the Faculty of International Relations (VŠE Prague) and the Verzone Publishing. Verzone has published 2 Chua's literary pieces within the framework of the Xin edition.

The author of the photograph of our guest is Tu Pin. The books "To Live " and " The Seventh Day" can be purchased at the website of Verzone Publishing.

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