VŠE students achieved the student prize “Young Dolphin 2016”

On Thursday May 18th were announced the results of the 12th year of the Marketer of the year, which already traditionally consists also of the category of university students. The theme of the competition was: “How to communicate Made in Czechia in concrete region of the world”. The task of the student teams was to prepare the communication strategy of the Czech products for selected geography segment of the world market.

The communication strategy should include the specification of the strengths of the Czech producers, analysis of the target market, suggestion of the communication canals, original usage of marketing tools, to suggest a creative solving including visualization, phases of communication campaign and the budget.

There was the team of the Economics University in the competition Young Dolphin 2016 composed of Lenka Kloboučníková, Ivana Dvořáková and Eliška Farářová. They were placed on the first place with the team of UTB from Zlín. The team above has been working on the project called: “How to communicate the brand Made in Czechia in Benelux”.

Another team from the University of Economics has become a certificate. It consists of Jitka Davidová, Anastasia Kobzareva and Elizaveta Shkiria. The team written above has worked on the project with the topic “How to communicate the brand Made in Czechia in Russia”. The winning teams have become the Student award – Young Dolphin including material prizes and medial publicity.

Both student teams of the University of Economics have worked on their projects within the side specialization 2KK – Commercial communication. The projects had been assessed by the jury composed of marketing specialists from theory and practice. The head of the jury was the doc. Ing. Olga Jurášková, Ph.D from UTB Zlín. The results will be presented in professional magazine Marketing and communication, that is published by the Czech Marketing Company on its sites and on medias that support the competition Marketer of the year.

More on: http://www.cms-cma.cz/clanek/detail/430/marketer-roku-2016-vysledky

Ing. Milan Postler,Ph.D.
Department of business and commercial communication