The workshop about social supermarkets at WU Wien

On 13th – 15th September 2017 there took place the workshop about social supermarkets in the Czech Republic and Austria at the Wirschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business). The event was hosted by Institut für Handel und Marketing (Institute for Retailing and Marketing) and there were also presented the contributions from the latest research of the relation between the social supermarkets and their frequency, principles and social responsibility. There was also discussion about the possibilities of using the social supermarkets to reduce the impacts of food wastage. The next point on the program was visit of the social supermarket in Vienna on the street Neustifftgasse and the discussion with the operators of this shop. The following points on the program were the preparation of the common publications and discussion about the possibility of educational stays of the pedagogues of both universities. The second workshop takes place on the Economic University Prague on 22nd – 23rd November 2017.

The whole event has been supported by the project n. 79n5 „Social supermarkets in Austria and in the Czech Republic“ within the program AKTION Czech Republic – Austria, the cooperation in science and research.

More information about this event is avaliable at the web page of the partner, Institut für Handel und Marketing, WU, on this link:

Social supermarkets are shops, that offer the foodstuffs especially to customers with very low incomes. The business model of the social supermarkets is based on the foodstuffs with close date of the expiration from the producers and chain stores. These foodstuffs are then sold on very significant discount in the comparison with standard prices. Social supermarkets work in Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium. Romania and Switzerland. In the Czech Republic, there are at least 40 shops, that have similar features as social supermarkets.