Lecture of specialist from John Marshall Law School in Chicago on intellectual property rights

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 starting at 6:00pm there will be a lecture of two specialist from John Marshall Law School in Chicago on the topics: “Current problems of American Antitrust” (Prof. Lim) and “Protection of  Trade Secrets and Privacy and Freedom of Speech in American Law” (Prof. Seng). Both professors will be visiting professors of VSE for a short period. The lecture will take place in in the lecture room SB225.

Professor Daryl Lim is the Director of Intellectual Property Rights Program at John Marshall Law School in Chicago, U.S.A. He is specialized on Antitrust and Patent law (and Intellectual Property in general).

Professor Michael Seng is specialized on constitutional law and is professor of John Marshall Law School in Chicago, U.S.A. He also is practicing attorney at law in constitutional law (some cases even before the U.S. Supreme Court). He personally collaborates for years with VŠE.

All students, professors and other lecturers are welcome!

Prof. JUDr. Martin Boháček, CSc. (Department of Business and European Law, Faculty of International Relations, VŠE in Prague)