Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature

The Nobel Prize for the Literature was awarded to the British author with Japanese origin, Kazuo Ishiguro. The Sweedish Academy has announce it in Stockholm. The most famous book of Ishiguro is the novel The Remains of the Day, that has been published also in Czech, in translation of Zdenka Pošvicová, the member of the Department of English Language of Faculty of International Relations of University of Economics in Prague.

Ishiguro‘s novel The Remains of the Day, that was in 1989 awarded with the Man Booker‘s Prize, tells by the diary-form the story of the high-powered servant. The story about the conflict of traditional values and modern tendences is well-known in the filmed version with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in the main roles. There are some more novels translated to the Czech, like An Artist of the Floating World, that takes place in Japan shortly after The Second World War, When We Were Orphans, or Never Let Me Go. This dystopic novel about the human clones that serve like the organ donors has been also transfered to the film screen.

The permanent secretary of the Sweedish Academy, Sara Danuis desribed the Ishiguro‘s work like the mixture of works by Jane Austine and Franc Kafka. „But you have to add a bit of Marcel Proust. He is an author that strives a lot for understanding the past, but he is not really Proustian writer, he doesn‘t want to improve the past, but examines what is needed to forget to be able to survive, firstly like a human, then like whole society.“ As her favourite work she marked Ishigura‘s seventh novel, The Buried Giant (2015). The plot on the edge of the fantasy takes place in Middle Ages, when The Great Britain, left by the Romans, changes itself in wreckage. The true Ishiguro‘s masterpiece is The Remains of the Day, according to Danius.

Kazuo Ishiguro belongs to the top of the British literature,“ said the publishing editor Petr Matoušek, that seven years ago has prepared the severalth edition of Ishiguro‘s the most famous book The Remains of the Day. He highlights the author‘s critisism of the British society, its casting that is seemingly anachronic, but in island‘s society still present and dangerous. The author does it with fineness of Japanese woodcut, engraving or sketch, it is very elegant and impressive. Althoug he has a Japanese name, he fully belongs to the British literature. In the age of five, he moved to Britain with his father, from who he has the name. In the case of Ishiguro it is the highest level of the British literature. He is comparable to the authors like Ian McEwan, Julian Barnes or Martin Amis.