From Prague to Brussels or Argentina: Where FIR students studied and had internships in 2022?

International in every aspect. This is the motto of the Faculty of International Relations, not only in the framework of studies. Thanks to the great support for mobility – study stays (such as Exchange program or Double Degree) and internships – students of the Faculty can travel all over the world to top universities, international companies or public institutions representing the Czech Republic abroad.

In 2022, a total of 396 FIR students went on study trips, including 317 students on study stays and 79 students on internship, for which they were awarded credits in their study plan. A total of 159 students went as part of their Bachelor’s studies and 237 as part of their Master’s studies.

Student mobilities by country



The first most frequent mobility destination for our students in 2022 was France, where 50 students went in total, 44 of them for study and six for work placements. Students worked for example at Lasvit in Paris or at the Czech Centre in Paris. They studied at schools such as Sciences Po Bordeaux, EM Normandie, EM Strasbourg Business School or EDHEC Business School Lille.



In 2022, Germany was the second most popular destination, with 47 students going there in total, 40 of them on Erasmus and seven on work placements. The students worked for companies such as AUDI and CzechTrade Düsseldorf. Among the schools visited by the students were Hochschule Mainz / School of Business, Universität zu Köln, Universität Hamburg or Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin.



The third most popular country was Belgium, where 32 FIR students went, 17 for a study stay and 15 for a work placement. The Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union had the lion’s share of the high number, thanks to which a total of thirteen FMV students went to Brussels (see section Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU with FMV students).

Study stays by university

Which universities did our students go to most often in 2022?

  1. Management Center Innsbruck, Austria – 14 students

  2. EM Strasbourg Business School, France – 9 students

  3. EM Lyon Business School, France – 6 students

  4. Hochschule Mainz/School of Business, Germany – 6 students

  5. Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan – 6 students

  6. Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria – 6 students

Internships by institution

Which work placements and institutions did our students attend most often in 2022?

  1. Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic in Brussels, Belgium – 13 students

  2. CzechTrade Düsseldorf, Germany – 4 students

  3. CzechTrade Chicago, USA – 4 students

  4. CzechTrade Bogota, Colombia – 3 students

  5. CzechTrade Vienna, Austria– 3 students

  6. Czech Centre Madrid, Spain – 3 students

Czech Presidency of the EU Council with FIR students

As part of the Czech Presidency, FIR students helped not only in Prague as liaison officers but also in the center of all the action – in Brussels. Thirteen FIR students went directly to the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic.

Farthest destinations

Where did FIR students travel the farthest in the world?

  1. University of Technology Sydney, Australia – 1 student

  2. CzechTrade Calgary, Canada– 2 students

  3. Singapore Management University, Singapore – 4 students

  4. Sogang University, South Korea – 2 students

  5. CzechInvest San Francisco, USA – 1 student

  6. Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Argentina – 1 student

Interesting internships

Where did FIR students also work?

  1. AUDI AG, Germany – 1 student

  2. CERN, Switzerland – 1 student

  3. EXPO 2020 Dubai, UAE – 1 student

  4. LASVIT Paris, France – 1 student

  5. Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Toronto, Canada – 1 student

  6. CzechTrade Bangalore, India – 1 student

From Prague to Brussels or Argentina: Where FIR students studied and had internships in 2022?