FIR has become partner of the Ramaton 2018 benefit run. Come and run with us!

On Thursday, 31 May in the late afternoon, will be held the 6th volume of the Ramaton benefit run in Stromovka, the proceeds of which are intended for the non-profit organisation Rasmus. The running routes are 4.3 km or 8.6 km long and the entry fee is free of charge for FIR students and employees. You can register now using this link. Free entry is provided to those who write “VSE” in the discount box. The Dean of the Faculty, doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, Ph.D., will also attend the event – students and teachers will have an opportunity to meet in an informal atmosphere.

Ramus organises leisure activities for young people with or without disabilities. It is a small organisation functioning thanks to volunteers and young enthusiasts organising informal events. You can find further information about Ramaton here.

Come help to overcome prejudices and meet new people!