FIR Alumni Club is here!

The FIR Alumni Club is a new club for all graduates of the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics, Prague! It aims to connect alumni not only with each other but also with the Faculty and its current students.

And how will the Club work? It will be managed by the Board of Alumni with President in the lead – all graduates of FIR. Every master’s programme should be represented by one member in the Board of Alumni. The members appoint President of the Board among themselves.

Do you want to become a member and representative of the Board of Alumni for your master’s programme? Stand as a candidate for the first elections to the Board of Alumni!

Board of Alumni and the President

Do you want to manage communication with graduates?

Lead the FIR Alumni Club?

Plan and organize graduates’ meetings?

Be responsible for events targeting alumni and current students?

Communicate with other graduates and the Faculty?

Participate in preparations of other activities connecting graduates with the Faculty?

Stand as a candidate for the Board of Alumni membership. It would also enable you to appoint President of the FIR Alumni Club.

  • Registrations were open until 15 June 2018

Graduates will choose the Board of Alumni members in online voting.