European Horizons on FIR: a new student think-tank

Summer semestr 2016/2017 on FIR came with a new student club European Horizons. It has been founded by students of European Integration / European Economic Integration and International Politics and Diplomacy like a new branch international student think-tank European Horizons, that has been founded in 2015 on Yale University and in two years has expanded not only to other prestigious universities in United States, like Harvard, Stanford or Columbia, but also to European universities like Science Po in Paris, College of Europe in Bruges, University of Barcelona or Central European University.

The target of European Horizons is to contribute to current discussion formation of European politics and development transatlantic partnership by the student creativity. The main event is the every-year European Student Conference, that connect many students of different countries. The mission of European Horizons is to connect ambitious students with important members of world academic world, governments and the private sector. The think-tank platform forms the constructive dialog during the discussion by the open-debate tables. It enables the space for constructive critics, but mainly for new thoughts how to form European Union and make brighter its future and find the opinions of students from foreign countries.

The VŠE branch has been founded like the first one in region of post-communist countries. European Horizons on FIR has already organized the first student discussion on the end of the May. The topic was “the causes of Euroscepticism in the Czech Republic and the new member countries EU”. On autumn there is planned the first event with the branch of College of Europe, that will take place on FIR.

We are honored to announce, that the activities of European Horizons will be organized beside the prestigious universities of the world also on the Economic University in Prague. All students are welcomed! You can take part in any activity of European Horizons on FIR. If you were interested in any closer information, do not hesitate to write to the e-mail: