Double degree programs between International Trade FIR VŠE and International Management IAE Lyon 3

Within the news in study programs valid in winter semester 2017/2018 offers the Faculty of international relations the opportunity for students of master degree to study the double degree between the International Trade and International Management IAE Lyon 3. Absolvents will combine the one-year study in Prague and one-year study in France and achieve two master’s degrees of both universities.

Every year, there will be offered two places for applicants with an excellent knowledge of French and English. The study in France will be in taught in English. The tender will take place after the finishing the first semester of the study. The applicants will get closer information by the Vide-Dean for International Relations.

Organization of the study:

Courses of IT (VŠE) in the first year of the study:

Ident Course ECTS
2PL431 Etika, odpovědnost a udržitelnost v podmínkách liberální demokracie 5
2MO402 Finanční řízení v mezinárodním podnikání 6
3MI404 nebo 5EN205 Makroekonomie nebo Makroekonomie I. 3
2SE445 Mezinárodní ekonomie 2 6
2OP401 Mezinárodní management 6
2MO401 Mezinárodní marketing 6
3MI403 Mikroekonomie 4
2PR421 Právo v mezinárodním obchodě 6
2SE440 Regionální trhy v globální perspektivě 6
2OP411 Strategické řízení lidského kapitálu a rozvoj manažerských kompetencí 3
ME3_2 Státní zkouška z ekonomie, mezinárodní ekonomie a práva 3
In total   54

Courses IAE in the second year of the study (IAE):

Course ECTS Semestr
International Consulting 3 WS*
Controlling 3 WS*
Supply chain management 3 WS*
Organizational behaviour in an international context 3 WS*
International HR management 3 WS*
International Trade Relations 3 WS*
Optional courses (4) 12 WS*
Methodology of the final thesis 0 WS*
International seminar courses (2) 6 SS*
Internship and project 24 SS*
In total 60  

*courses (36 ECTS) recognised as side specialization including degree examination

VŠE courses in the second year of the study:

22F501 Diplomový seminář /distance learning/ 3 WS
MO3_2 Státní zkouška z oboru Mezinárodní obchod 3 SS**
DIP_D Obhajoba diplomové práce 6 SS**
In total   12  

**IAE semestr ends in the middle of April, it is possible to pass the degree examination and pass the thesis defense in the June termins of VŠE

In total ECTS: 126