Company Culture and Diversity Programs Webinar From the Deutsche Boerse Group (February 25)

The student association SKOK in cooperation with Deutsche Boerse and FIR kindly invites you to the unique webinar “Company Culture & Diversity Programs –  Deutsche Boerse Group & Business Analytics” that is simultaneously organized by ESAFE Barcelona.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, February 25th from 7 pm through MS Teams.

And what can you look forward to?


  1. An introduction of Deutsche Boerse and what it does / Peter Ho-Spoida
  2. The roles and divisions we recruit for, with experts from:
  • Finance (Algert Hoxha)
  • Business Analytics/Strategy (Peter Ho-Spoida)
  • Cloud (Tuan Pham)
  1. The company’s culture and diversity programs / Ana Andrijevikj + Jan Volkmann
  2. A little bit on the recruitment process, career opportunities / Jan Volkmann
  3. Q&A (e.g. How Brexit affected our business?)

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