Assistant Professor position at the Department of International Business

Dean of the Faculty of International Relationsat the University of Economics, Prague is seeking candidates for an Assistant Professor position at the Department of International Business, starting in the fall 2018. We are seeking candidates with extensive teaching, research and business experience in various countries in the field of International Business and Intercultural negotiations and related areas. The candidate should prove the ability to work in multi-national teams. The appointment (part-time or full-time) is for 3 years, with an option for a 3-year renewal subject to satisfactory performance, and an option for an indefinite contract after 6 years, subject to high-quality publication and teaching record.

The candidates should hold at least a master degree and shall have a clear plan to receive their Ph.D. soon. English is the only language required for the position, other languages are welcomed. To apply for the position, please send the cover letter, CV and a copy of the diploma to: Děkanát FMV VŠE, Ing. Eliška Vavrouchová, Nám. W. Churchilla 4, 13067 Praha 3, Czech Republic within 30 days. Selected candidates will be invited for interviews in June