A wide range of courses taught by visiting professors in the summer semester 2017/2018

banner-2KJ-1024x3621-e1368969898652-300x276For the summer semester 2017/2018, the Faculty of International Relations offers a wide range of bachelor´s as well as master´s courses taught by visiting professors.

The courses can be registered within the regular registrations till January 23rd, 2018.

Regarding the exact time and room, please always refer to the note in syllabi of relevant courses.

For the summer semester 2017/2018, you can choose from the following courses taught by visiting professors:


Bachelor´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor 
2OP322 Business Cultures of the Latin American Nations – in English 5.3.-7.3.2018 R. Martinez
2OP322 Business Cultures of the Latin American Nations – in English 12.3.-14.3.2018 R. Martinez
2MO338 Branding and (Re)Positioning in International Marketing 12.3.-14.3.2017 A. Zablocki
2MO332 Business in Russia – in English 21.3.-23.3.2018 J. Dumetz
2MO316 International Strategic Management – The Competitive Advantages of Nations 26.3.-28.3.2018 L. Su
2MO340 Marketing and Management in China 26.3.-28.3.2018 X. Zhang
2CR323 M.I.C.E. Management 3.4.-5.4.2018 D. Ricardo Garcia-Vianna Brookers
2SE324 Undrestanding the International Economic Order 11.4.-13.4.2018 R. Patimo
2MO346 Business Environment in the USA 10.4.-12.4.2018 D. Klock
2MO326 Diplomatic Protocol – in French 16.4.-20.4.2018 B. Chatard
2PL340 Media and Political Power in Russia 23.4.-27.4.2018 D. Strovsky
2MO336 International Negotiation Strategies: Techniques and Simulations 2.5.-4.5.2018 I. Descubes
Master´s courses
Code Course title Dates Professor 
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 28.2.-2.3.2018 M. Bahles
2MO434 International Brand Communication Strategy 7.3.-9.3.2018 M. Bahles
2SM640 Contested Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa 5.3.-9.3.2018 C. Steuer
2SM442 Globalized International Relations 12.3.-16.3.2018 V. Kubálková
2SM431 Language and Diplomacy 20.3.-22.3.2018 B. Scott
2SE437 Economics of European Integration 26.3.-28.3.2018 R. Patimo
2SM425 Contemporary International Negotiation Practice 4.4.-6.4.2018 I. Manton
2OP443 Intercultural Communication for Managers – in English 24.4.-26.4.2018 O. Wurtz
2MO428 International mergers and acquisitions – in English 2.5.-4.5.2018 E. Redor