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Jaroslav Šuchman – economist, diplomat and high-ranking official in the UN, graduate of foreign trade specialization at Faculty of Trade

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Jaroslav-Suchman-2Jaroslav Šuchman graduated from the Faculty of Trade, predecessor of the Faculty of International Relations, in 1964 and remained at the faculty as assistant professor. In 1967, at the time of the „Prague Spring“, he started working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of International Economic Organizations. He had to leave the ministry for political reasons after occupation of Czechoslovakia.

He returned to multilateral and economic diplomacy in 1990. As of then, Jaroslav Šuchman served as Deputy Permanent Representative of Czechoslovakia, and subsequently as the first Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic, to the UN in New York. While working in the US, he also lectured from time to time to businesses in the field of trade and industry.

Upon return, he briefly took up job in the banking industry where he headed a foreign exchange financing unit, being responsible for negotiating interbank syndicated loans. From 1996 he served as General Director of the Foreign Section at the Ministry of Agriculture. He steered direct negotiations with the Commission of the EU on legislative approximation of the Czech Republic to the EU in the area of agriculture and rural development (the so called legislative screening).

In 1999, after an international competition, Jaroslav Šuchman was named Regional Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Budapest. As head of the UN’s regional office, he was responsible for steering and supervision of activities and projects of this largest UN’s specialized agency in 19 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Jaroslav Šuchman continues to take part in expert and advisory activities and teaches elective courses in international economic relations, world economics and foreign trade economics at economic faculties in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Source and Photo Credit: Jaroslav Šuchman.