Doctoral (Ph.D.) Study Programs

Faculty of International Relations conducts two Doctoral Study Programmes International Economic Relations and Political Science with following branches in English:

1. International Economic Relations
This study programme enables further professional education of university graduated professionals by acquiring of scientific qualification in the sphere of international economic relations. Study extends the knowledge of this broad and dynamically developing branch and develops skills in applying scientific methods in research in this sphere. It educates experts for independent creative work and conceptual approach to solving problems of international economic relations and to applying newly gained knowledge in practice.
2. Commercial and International Economic Law
This branch of doctoral study gives extended knowledge in law disciplines closely related to the issues of international and national business relations. Therefore the key subjects of this branch are Business law, Law of business companies, Community law, International and comparative business law, Securities and Stock-exchange law.
3. International Political Relations
Doctoral study branch of International political relations offers extended knowledge in the branch of international policy. Study is conceived as multidisciplinary, is based on knowledge of world economy, international law and other important aspects of international reality - safety, ecology, culture. Fundamental stress is put on the study of theory and topical issues of international policy, interdisciplinary analyses of global processes.
4. Political Science
Owing to common economic basis of doctoral study at VŠE the graduate gains combined knowledge of economics and policy, which is one of the key connections for understanding a modern world. The study of political science within doctoral study offers knowledge indispensable both for qualified decisions in institutions of political system and for effective decision making of firms, for which political interests form a natural environment of their activity. In narrower specialization of doctoral students the department enables quite a broad range of focus of doctoral thesis – from political science analyses of historical topics and political thinking, comparative study of political systems or political phenomena, to the analysis of phenomena of modern political process.

Admission requirements

Admission to a doctoral study programme is conditioned by proper completion of studies in a Master study programme. Master’s diploma must be recognized in the Czech Republic; see Information for Applicants on Recognition of Higher Education and Qualifications Acquired Abroad:
The applicant can apply for admission to only one branch. International applicants submit their applications for admission with a copy of the document of diploma recognition.
Foreign students applying to study in a programme in a language other then Czech (“Programme for foreigners”) will have to pay a fee. This fee is € 5000 per year. The amount is paid by a postal order or bank transfer. The data needed to carry out a payment can be obtained from a faculty. The admission fee equals € 50 (or the equivalent at the current rate of exchange).

Application Forms
The fully filled in application forms are to be sent to the address mentioned further by May 15 in the year of admission procedure at latest.
The application form must have the following documents enclosed:

Entrance examination
The major line subjects’ examination has a form of a discourse on the issues related to the study programme the applicant intends to study. The assessment of the applicant’s performance takes account of the applicant’s interest in the field of study, his/her acquaintance with the issues in that study programme and his/her general capability. Information on the examination as well as the list of literature expected to have been studied can be obtained from doctoral studies coordinators at the relevant faculty.
The foreign language examination consists of reading of a general economics text (15 to 20 lines), summary of the text and discourse on an issue related to the applicant’s major specialization and intention concerning the studies pursued.

Information on-line
Doctoral Studies

All essential information on Doctoral Studies can be obtained from the web site of International Studies Centre at the University of Economics, Prague:

For PhD students enrolled in the doctoral study program from the academic year  2018/2019, the following provision applies:

Fro students enrolled before the academic year 2018/2019, the following provision applies:
You can namely find following information and downloadable files there:

You can receive more information about doctoral studies at the Office for Science and Research: Mgr. Galina Cimova, CSc.: and Ing. Martina Sušánková:, phone number: +420224095790.

University of Economics, Prague
You can find all relevant information about the University at:

Contact Information
Faculty Coordinator
Procedure and technical issues are administered by study coordinator for doctoral study: Lenka Procházková –

Postal Address
University of Economics, Prague
Faculty of International Relations
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130 67 Prague 3
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Important Dates and Deadlines
Deadline for Applications: 15 May 2018
Entrance examinations: June 2018, September 2018

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