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Graduate of FIR Marek Mora in Bank Council of CNB

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The FIR graduate Marek Mora was appointed to the management of the Czech National Bank. He has studied the field of study International Trade. He is in the post of member of Bank Council since 13th January 2017.

Marek Mora, together with another graduate of the University of Economics, Oldřich Dědek, replaced Pavel Řežábek and Lubomir Lízal, whose mandate in the CNB's management has expired on February 12.

Members of the CNB Bank Board are appointed for a period of six years, and this function cannot be held more than twice. The election and appointment of the members of the Bank Board are exclusively under the authority of the President of the Republic.

On 20 February 2017 Marek Mora visited his alma mater, both VŠE and FIR. He met with the Rector of the University of Economics, Prof. Ing. Hanna Machková, CSc., as well as the Dean of the FMV, Mr. doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, Ph.D.

The Faculty of International Relations wishes many other successes!