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Former governor of Czech National Bank Zdeněk Tůma among successful FIR alumni

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The list of the FIR’s successful and influential alumni includes also former governors of the Czech National Bank. Zdeněk Tůma, who led the central bank between 2000 and 2010, graduated from the Faculty of Trade (former designantion of FIR) with his Master’s thesis on „Facor Analysis of the Savings of the Population“.

Zdeněk Tůma was born in year 1960 in České Budějovice. After finishing his studies at the FIR, he remained at the University of Economics in Prague as an assistant professor. Afterwards, he continued to the Prognostic Institute at the Academy of Sciences and then to the Institute of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague, where he became the director of the Department for Macroeconomics.

In 1996 he entered private sector, becoming a chief economist at Patria Finance, a.s. Later, he moved to London where he was offered a post of an Executive Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In 1998 he returned to Prague where he assumed the role of vice-governor of the Czech National Bank (CNB). He was appointed the governor of the CNB in 2000 where he remained until 2010. Since 2011 Zdeněk Tůma has been working in private sector, he acts as an Partner responsible for services for financial sector in KPMG.

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