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FIR Graduates in World of Finance – Jan Skříček, Chief Analyst for PPF Real Estate Holding

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SkricekJan Skříček graduated from FIR in 2008. During his studies he worked as a translator and proofreader of Czech/English in Presto, translation agency. He also cooperated, on external basis, with Electronic Arts Germany on Czech language localizations for gaming industry.

In 2007 to 2009 he worked as a Business Valuation Specialist for RSM Tacoma (valuations, corporate finance and advisory). Consequently he joined M&A team in Wood & Company, investment bank. Since autumn 2009 he works as a Chief Analyst for real estate division of PPF Group. He is in charge of analytical team managing assets of EUR 1.2bn placed in Germany, Netherlands, CEE, Russia, UK and India.

                                          Source and Photo Credit: Jan Skříček.