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FIR graduate Miroslav Matej, former Deputy Minister of Finance, chairs Audit Committee at EIB

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Miroslav Matej 2Miroslav Matej graduated from the Faculty of International Relations in 1998. Five years later he successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the same Faculty.

Matej gained his first work experience with McDonald’s where he was as a member of the finance and accounting department responsible for financial and economic analyses.

In 1999 Miroslav Matej joined the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic where he later become the Head of Unit focusing on coordination of EU integration. Later, he worked as an internal auditor at the Ministry.

In 2006-2011 Matej served as a Senior Auditor at the European Court of Auditors where he was responsible for audits in the field of development aid and EU agricultural policy. He also focused on audit methodology and quality control.

Miroslav Matej returned back to the Czech Republic in 2011, as he was appointed a Deputy Minister of Finance where he remained until 2013, covering EU funds audit, financial control in public administration, fight against money laundering and financing the terrorism and for the budget of the Ministry.

Since April 2014 Matej heads the unit focusing on financing of regional self-governing units’ budgets and analyses of the financial management of the regional self-governing units.

Since 2013 Miroslav Matej has been a member of the Audit Committee at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, where he was appointed to serve as a Chairman for years 2013-2015.

Miroslav Matej speaks English, French and German.

Source and Photo Credit: Miroslav Matej.