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FIR graduate Martin Sedlacky is Chief Operations Officer in airBaltic

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meBTMartin Sedlacky is the Member of the executive Board and Chief Operations Officer of airBaltic, a hybrid carrier serving 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS from its home base in Riga, Latvia.

Martin is part of the executive team that made airBaltic ReShape business turnaround programme a success story.

In the past decade, he has had a strong focus on business restructurings, including airlines, across Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia.  Prior to joining airBaltic, Martin was part of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), working on business consultancy projects across industries.

He has received an Engineer degree from the Faculty of International Relations and CEMS Master’s in International Management from the University of Economics in Prague and Helsinki School of Economics.

Source and Photo Credit: Martin Sedlacky.