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FIR alumni are active also in the energy industry – Matej Šanta, Corporate Strategy Manager at CEZ

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Matej Santa 2Matej Šanta is one of the FIR alumni, who also earned the CEMS Master’s in International Management degree at UEP and Universität St. Gallen.

Prior to completing the International Trade program at the FIR in 2005, Matej joined the management consulting firm McKinsey&Company. For three years he worked on engagements for leading companies from diverse industries across Europe. Subsequently he led a startup project for international entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic. In 2009 he started working in the Corporate Development team of the power utility CEZ. His initial responsibility was valuation of new business opportunities in Germany and delivering recommendations to the Board. Over the last couple years, the focus of Matej’s work has shifted to designing the Group’s corporate strategy and bringing into life selected strategy initiatives, e.g. in the “new energy” field. Recently Matej has joined the executive team launching a new daughter company, providing integrated solutions for energy needs of corporate and municipal clients.

Studies at the UEP brought Matej besides quality education also life partner and wife Darja, likewise a graduate of the FIR and the CEMS MIM, with whom they are raising two children.

Source and Photo Credit: Matej Šanta.