Department of World Economy

Head of Department: doc. Ing. Martina Jiránková, Ph.D. (

Secretariat: Vladislava Celkova (

Our mission

The department focuses on pedagogy and research of various aspects of the world economy. The study of phenomena, their causes and consequences, makes it possible to search for theoretical and practical approaches to solve both global and regional problems. Our staff concentrates its activities on several issues:

  • relations in world economy from the view of international and political economics
  • the issue of growth and development
  • a comparison of different economic systems
  •  new economic geography and determinants of the allocation of economic activity
  • technology and innovations
  • global supply chains
  • the european integration process from the view of international and political economics
  • coordination of economic policies in the EU
  • competitiveness of the EU in the world economy.

Our staff has been researching these issues with the support of grants and other projects obtained from several sources (e.g. the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Czech Science Foundation, the European Commission, the Internal Grant Agency of the UEP and the Faculty of international relations). The research activities are also realised in cooperation with Czech and international doctoral students under the supervision of professors and associate professors.

Pedagogy is a crucial part of our activity. The department offers subjects for bachelor and master programs (International Trade, International Business, International Relations, Tourism) in which students obtain knowledge of the open-economy macroeconomics and its microeconomical foundations, as well as its application in the real world. Key subjects within this are International Economics, World Economy, Geography of World Economy and Comparative Economics.

International cooperation

During recent years, the department was a co-organizer of many international conferences in which we closely cooperated with the Centre for European Studies of the University of Economics, Prague. Among the most important conferences were “Globalised Labour & Capital Markets, National Resources and Shifts in Economic Power” (organised in cooperation with the European Economics and Finance Society), “Changes in Governance in the Context  of the Global Crisis” (organised in cooperation with the Research Plan of the FIR) and “New Challenges for Cooperation of European and Developing Countries” (organised in cooperation with EADI, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes). Proceedings from the second mentioned conference are listed in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, accessed via Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).

Our staff belongs to many international organisations and associations. Among the most important ones are EADI (the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes), ECSA (the European Community Studies Association), the Case Centre, the CEEISA (the Central and East European International Studies Association), ERSA (the European Regional Science Associaion).

If you are interested in further information about our department or cooperation with us, please contact Martina Jirankova ( or Josef Bic (

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